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Monaco Chain Miami Cuban Royal Link CZ Lock Bracelet 14K Yellow Gold - Hollow

Monaco Chain Miami Cuban Royal Link CZ Lock Bracelet 14K Yellow Gold - Hollow

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Introducing our Monaco Chain Miami Cuban Royal Link CZ Lock Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold—a regal and dazzling accessory that marries the iconic Miami Cuban link design with the brilliance of CZ (Cubic Zirconia) stones and a secure lock, all crafted with a hollow construction for a comfortable and stylish wear.

Genuine Gold Brilliance: Crafted from authentic 14K yellow gold, this bracelet exudes a rich and opulent glow, symbolizing luxury and enduring quality. The hollow construction ensures a comfortable and lightweight feel without compromising on the beauty of genuine gold.

Monaco Chain Miami Cuban Royal Link Design: The bracelet features a distinctive Monaco Chain Miami Cuban Royal Link pattern, renowned for its bold and royal appearance. This design is elevated with the addition of sparkling CZ stones, creating a dazzling and regal effect.

CZ Stone Embellishments: The bracelet is adorned with CZ stones, adding a brilliant sparkle that enhances the overall allure of the piece. The stones are meticulously set to create a captivating and luxurious effect.

Secure Lock: Equipped with a secure lock, this bracelet ensures that it stays in place, allowing you to wear it with confidence throughout the day and night.

Hollow Construction: The bracelet is crafted with a hollow construction, providing a comfortable and lightweight feel for extended wear.



Metal: Real 14K Gold

5.0mm: 5.86 grams (0.69 g/in)
6.0mm: 7.24 grams (0.85 g/in)
7.5mm: 10.30 grams (1.21 g/in)
9.0mm: 12.72 grams (1.49 g/in)
11mm: 15.35 grams (1.80 g/in)
13mm: 21.29 grams (2.50 g/in)
15mm: 24.39 grams (2.86 g/in)
17mm: 29.38 grams (3.45 g/in)

Length: All weight are written in 8.5" version. The weight will change depending on the size you choose.
Bail/Clasp: Box Clasp

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